Alexander works as a teacher of harp, flute, saxophone and composition, and is available for music GCSE and a level tutoring. Boasting a 100% pass rate with his students, he works with children and adults from beginners through to Grade 8 and beyond. Based in the London borough of Hackney, he operates a teaching studio out of his own home.

“I maintain a serious, hardworking ethos and a dedication to upholding the highest of standards both in pupils’ performance and in myself as an educator and role model.”

“I see the teaching of music not only as a means to provide pupils with the technical skills to properly express themselves through their chosen medium, but as a reflection of real life, a way to build character, learn about the art of communication and for students to explore their own creative ideas, allow their potential to thrive and foster their individual voice.”


‘..[my son] is really enjoying his saxophone lessons with Alex. He is making great progress and having fun too. Thankyou for introducing us to Alex – he is lovely! He is really enthusiastic and positive, a great role model..’

’..I would like to take this opportunity and say that Alex has been such an inspiration to me and will be sadly missed, he is such a fantastic tutor and friend.. and we will stay in touch..’

’..he is absolutely loving his lessons and Alex is a really brilliant teacher!’

‘Alexander is simply a wonderful teacher in every way. He is highly knowledgeable, smart and dynamic, yet Alex is modest and caring towards his pupils.’

‘As a teacher Alex shows a clear passion for music – the level of detail that we go through pieces and the wide range of repertoire covered (often beyond the syllabus) are thanks to Alex’s deep knowledge of music and music theory. Apart from being an amazing teacher (getting me through 6 grades in a year) Alex is also a kind and caring teacher, coming to the flute shop with me to help select a new flute.’

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